About Matt

By most standards, I pass the eye-test as a pretty normal dude. I’m a 26 year old Chicago resident by choice, but a Clevelander by blood. There is something so awesome about that city that you will not ever understand unless you lived there through the years of 1995-2000 or go to a Cavs game in the LBJ hay-day. Still waiting for the Browns to be relevant in my lifetime…

To get even an ounce of what I mean, watch this youtube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9fiUZbrUAY .

Yes, Cleveland is an easy target for jokes, but I’m past letting that really bother me.


Aside from my absolute love for Cleveland sports, I share an equally similar passion for good people. I try and surround myself by the best and have always naturally gravitated towards hard working, passionate, smart individuals. I’ve been lucky to have such a rock-solid family and they’ve paved the way for some rock-solid friends. Of course, my fiance Victoria is no exception. She’s a high school chemistry teacher and continues to make the world a better place. She is also the hardest worker you will ever meet.


I work at Nielsen, the world’s leading market research firm. I’ve been there for about 4 years and have had some amazing experiences.  I spent time abroad, managed a fairly large team, and am currently the Organizational Strategy Leader for North American Operations. I also had the luxury of taking a 6 month project at our most “fun” client site, MillerCoors, where there was no shortage of craft beer & rooftop happy hours. Turns out I’m not a horrible cricket player either (with part of my Chennai team, below).


Oh yea – I have a start-up itch that I continue to scratch.



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